Making better book suggestions for voracious readers

Is Your Landing Page Getting You Enough Conversions?

I designed an app for book lovers who are constantly seeking their next ‘to-read’ title.

Project Scope

UX design (Wireframes, User flow), Mobile app UI


Figma, Sketch, InVision

Work Duration

2 months


Novely is an app for book lovers who are constantly seeking their next ‘to-read’title. My brief was to design a clean-looking mobile application that will allowusers to add books on their reading list and receive book suggestions based ontheir previous finished titles. The main feature that made the app differentfrom similar apps in the market was that the user could get buying options foreach book they received as a suggestion.


1. Keep track of the books you read by adding them to your bookshelf
2. Receive buying options for every book.
3. Receive suggestions on what to read next, based on the books you add.

Challenges (UX)

- Balance educating the user, the amount of steps required to personalize the book feed, the number of steps in the flow, and the amount of data collected with the ease of getting through the flow quickly.

- Incentivize the user to add their firstbook review.

Challenges (UI)

- Create a cohesive design system which can support changing needs over time.The design should be modular and flexible.

- Ensure design adheres to the highest standards.

- The final design should be, first of all, clean and optimized for text content and, second of all, pixel-perfect & eye candy.


After drawing 12 screens, I showed them (tested) to 10 users and started prioritizing features that could help them in finding inspiration for their reading list.


Based on the research and the constraints I had to work with, I was able to prioritize features by main (must-have) and long-term.
- Time (the MVP needed to be launched in less than 3 months)
- Budget (

Main Features (MVP)

- Order books by rating
- Add book review
- Order buying options by lowest price
- Buying options from local vendors

Long-Term Features

- Social Network
- Messaging/Chat