Bringing additional value to gaming live streams

Is Your Landing Page Getting You Enough Conversions?

I created a presentation website & design system for CastHub, an app that allows gaming aficionados to create live streams, send automatic tweets and monitor their gaming activity.

Project Scope

Landing pages, Web design, Desktop app UI, Marketing assets, UX design (Wireframes, Onboarding flows)


Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator

Work Duration

5 weeks

The Challenge

CastHub already had a website presence, but the design was outdated and it was difficult to keep it updated. The new website had to be appealing to young audiences, so I had to create a modern, scalable website design that allows for future changes and additions.

My client's request was that I create the website first, then the desktop app. So I had to leave a blank space (actually, a basic outline/sketch) instead of the existing illustrations and design the website around those. After I completed the desktop app design, I had to visually match the illustrations (with screens from the app) to the new website design.

My Approach

I started out by asking for every block of content (text) that would be on the new website and organised them by pages. This allowed me to create some basic wireframes in Figma as the starting point.

The next step was to create a color scheme to use as a base for the whole project, and, after a few iterations, I came up with the existing one.

The website’s design process went smooth after that, but the last challenge was to create illustrations that would flow well with the rest of the website’s vibe and match the content.

Custom Illustrations

I designed six custom illustrations to match the content on every page and make the hero sections stand out.

Desktop App Design

I created a design system for the desktop app that would match the website's new design and be scalable.

Designing For the Community

Gamers can now create customized dashboards to monitor  their chat and stream events, update their channel information, and manage their stream.


The new CastHub web & app design saw the app downloads rise by 25% in three months after the project was completed. Premium plan user number also has grown by 12%.